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        I have touched millions of people with my words and by example, in the work I do in Information Technology.  I built this site as a means to share a compilation of life's experiences in hopes that  you may benefit.  My new goal is to share with those around the world via speaking engagements, on how to empower parents with meaningful technology tools that enhance family values.

     As a cyclist I have photographed the coast of California from Tijuana, Mexico to Leggett, California.  As a published writer I am passionate about getting people information not found in main stream media, yet critical to the quality of life. 

     For me the key to life is love God, self and neighbor.   I am blessed to be a perpetual learner, a collector of happy moments...throughout my day, everyday. 

     If you knew that it would be over in what seemed like a blink of an eye, why would you ever want to be anywhere but where you are most happiest?

     Join me in impacting the world for the next generation. 

L.A. Ortega

Public Speaker, Writer, Photographer, Producer, Spiritual/Nutrition Student